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The Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry (LBMS) serves the Texas A&M University (TAMU) research communities with expertise in mass spectrometry methodology, instrumentation, and increasingly, informatics. The services are not limited to areas of proteomics but involve in molecular-level research in various "omics" related researches, i.e., petroleomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, glycomics, etc., which represent growing research areas in the fields of the physical and life sciences, health sciences, agriculture, veterinary medicine and engineering. This includes analyses of compounds from small organic molecules to macromolecules including proteins, oligonucleotides, polymers and dendrimers. In addition, the research capabilities of LBMS are accessible to non-TAMU users; academic, government and industry, either through collaborations or service-for-fee.

The activities within the LBMS are divided into four categories:


  • Routine mass spectrometry analysis

Collaborative research

  • For projects requiring method or technique development or level of difficulty associated with the experiment are cutting-edge

Core research

  • Technique and instrumentation development aimed at advancing cutting-edge experimental capabilities


  • Short course
  • symposium